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Become part of the 

Chronion team


A dynamic team with vast opportunities.

We are more than just another place to work. We are a team. Young, dynamic and hungry to become better at what we do, every single day. 

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Five values, one steady culture. 

It all started in 2018 at a famous brewery in Belgium. Three experienced consultants with and entrepreneurial mindset decided to join forces. Now part of a fast growing company with 20+ of ambitious people, constantly looking for new talents with a drive and who share our five values: people first, for the long-run, pragmatic attitude, critical mindset and pioneer thinking. 

Why Chronion


Personal development

Work-life balance

Flexible schedule

in Gent & Mechelen

Time for

fun at work

Junior consultant

Young master graduate

0-2 years of working experience


Supply Chain
Interim Consultant

Young bachelor graduate

0-2 years of working experience

Interim Consultant

Young bachelor/master graduate

0-5 years of working experience

Job vacancies

Senior consultant

2-5 years of working experience

Senior Manager
Pharma & Life Sciences

8 years of working experience


Our efficient recruitment process allows you to explore if there is a fit with our company in a short time span.


All applications will be reviewed in detail to determine if candidates fulfills the qualifications for the current business needs.


If not selected, the resume will be kept for potential future position matching the profile.

Step 1

Application Screening

All applications will be reviewed in detail to determine if candidates fulfills the qualifications for the current business needs.


If not selected, the resume will be kept for potential future position matching the profile.

All applications will be reviewed in detail to determine if candidates fulfills the qualifications for the current business needs.


If not selected, the resume will be kept for potential future position matching the profile.


Step 2

Interview with business cases

You will be invited to the office for a selection day where you will participate in a series of interviews with several members of the Chronion team.

It will be an opportunity for you to tell us about yourself, your motivation and aspirations. You may also be asked to solve a business case. Based on all of this we will determine your skill set and fit to our company culture.


Step 3


If we feel that you are the right person for the job, you will receive an offer to join our team!

With the hope that you will accept the offer with enthusiasm, we will prepare a drink to celebrate.

Meet our team


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With a passion for big-data and analytics, Dries is our expert in revenue and profitability management. Likes to build treehouses for his kids.

Dries Debbaut

"We work in a vibrant environment. You can almost feel the drive of the people here"

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-95_edited_edited.jpg

Over a decade of experience in commercial excellence throughout various industries. Loves his 2 kids and is passionate about cycling. 

Bert Vandewiele

"It is exciting to work, have fun & grow with such an entrepreneurial & dynamic team"

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-108_edited.jpg

Roel has been in the commercial consulting industry for his entire professional career. Passionate about revenue management. Loves a good wine combined with some chocolate. 

Roel Vermeulen 

"We have experts in different domains, allowing everyone to learn from one another"

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-116_edited.jpg

Tom is a supply chain expert with focus on strategy alignment and process & organizational redesign. Gets energy from working together to a common goal. Father of 3 basketball playing boys.

Tom De Visscher

"The majority of our customers are in for the long run. Having impact and growing together with our customer is what I like most"

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-119_edited.jpg

Bert is an experienced supply chain professional who finds his energy in new challenges. Always up for a good restaurant.

Bert Appels

"I love that, as a team, we always keep the best interest of our clients at heart"

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-88_edited.jpg

Abel came into contact with the in's and out's of customer centricity from a young age through a family business. Passionate about customer experience. Self-proclaimed surfer.

Abel Vanacker

"Chronion allows me to develop various skills through a wide range of projects, and as such, discover the field of business I like best"

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-140_edited.jpg

Pauline is passionate about helping businesses with their customer-centric growth through digital innovation. Always ready for some crazy adventures.

Pauline Stas

"We have an excellent working atmosphere where we listen to each other and where everyone has an impact on the business"

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-92_edited.jpg

Maarten enjoys solving complex problems, always aiming for the optimal result. As a former student-athlete, he is no stranger to teamwork and believes collaboration will always lead to better outcomes.

Maarten Van Dyck

“Chronion is driven to bring value to its clients by solving their challenges together as a team.”

Suzanne has 10 years of experience in commerical roles in manufacturing.

Suzanne De Fauw

"Expanding my skillset across diverse industries and collaborating with our passionate team to foster client growth fuels my development at Chronion and invigorates me."

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-111_edited.jpg

Yves combines 25 years of experience in commercial roles with a passion for process and revenue optimization. Creative problem solving is his forte. He loves a good tune, and occasionally plays his own songs on guitar.

Yves Carté

"Working together with our enthusiastic team to support our clients' growth energises me."

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-125_edited.jpg

Cedric has always been fascinated by how businesses thrive in today's fast-changing world, and is eager to support companies in achieving this. Excited to try new things and passionate about various sports. 

Cedric Janssens

“Challenging my skillset in different industries is what truly drives my development at Chronion.”

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-135_edited.jpg

Vadim is driven by exploring not only the business world but also the IT world, always looking for possibilities in improving and understanding their interdependence. Enjoys hiking, and exploring the wild outdoors.  

Vadim Gerasimov

“Chronion allows me to explore business & IT, while quenching my thirst for knowledge with a variety of projects from different fields”

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-103_edited.jpg

Tuur has experience in entrepreneurship and has innovation engraved in his heart. He seeks for efficiency and likes out-of-the box solutions. Not only the business side, but also the consuming side of food & drinks is his passion.

Tuur Luinstra

"Here at Chronion you get all the flexibility and tools to develop yourself towards a better consultant"

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-144_edited.jpg

Virginie is passionate about entrepreneurship and the ever-evolving business world. She is driven and strives to always go the extra mile and deliver an all-encompassing solution. Always ready for a culinary experience, this both at a restaurant as well as made in her own kitchen.

Virginie Engelen

"Through the projects in different industries as well as the open working atmosphere at Chronion, I can grow and explore what I enjoy the most."

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-148_edited.jpg

With a strong interest in supply chain management, Paulien strives to optimize business processes to their full potential. During her free-time, Paulien enjoys embarking on bike rides, to explore the beauty of nature.

Paulien Mens

“The diversity of experiences among Chronion’s team members enables mutual learning and growth.”

Chronion - september 2023 (c) Karen Nachtergaele-129_edited.jpg

Emiel has a mathematical background and an analytical mindset that drives him to reach for the optimal solution of complex problems. Gets energy from helping and baking desserts for others.

Emiel Raveschot

"Being able to be part of this amazing team allows me to develop myself every day and become a better consultant."

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