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Client case

Agristo, founded in Belgium in 1986, is a global player in the development, production and distribution of frozen potato products. They are specialized in offering an extremely wide range of fries and derived potato products delivering to retailer and food service clients around the world.


Agristo has defined a strategic plan to realize the ambitious long-term growth plan. Over the past years, Agristo has invested a lot in operational excellence and the manufacturing footprint. Now it is time to develop the supply chain to make sure the customer promise can be realized on a day-to-day basis. Agristo asked Chronion to co-develop a supply chain transformation roadmap in line with the overall business strategy.


We started off with a thorough as-is analysis by interviewing key stakeholders to get a clear understanding of the gaps between their current supply chain processes and the best practices that exist in the industry. In addition we identified strategically important pain points within their supply chain.

Next, we focused on the to-be design by organizing cross functional co-creation sessions to define and redesign the end-to-end supply chain planning processes (incl. S&OP, Master Plan, Detailed Scheduling, …) and the supply chain planning tactics (like MTO/MTS strategies, EPQ/EOQ policies etc.). In collaboration with the process stakeholders, we translated the new processes into system requirements to map the current system landscape and identified the need for advanced planning system support.

The outcome of these workshops were translated into a number of improvement initiatives, finding the balance between short term quick wins and initiatives that have impacts on processes, organization and supporting tools. This resulted in a feasible 3 year roadmap that was validated by the different stakeholders.


The to-be workshops were moderated based on best practice food processes, using APICS terminology to make sure the Agristo team speaks the same language and gets trained in the key supply chain planning processes.

We identified 15 initiatives and detailed out these initiatives in terms of effort, timeline, requirements, team and sequence of implementation – taking into account dependencies and resource availabilities. These initiatives covered planning tactics, creating real end-to-end planning processes which drive customer and supplier collaboration and full integration of all Agristo stakeholders in the process. Together with IT, system selection and tool implementation was started.

Next to these initiatives, we will support Agristo in the next 6 months in implementing some quick wins to realize short-term impact and value that will drive the momentum for the further implementation of the entire roadmap.

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