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Client case

Ardeca, a family owned and operated company, is a leading distributor of lubricants in and outside of Belgium, offering  high quality motor oils and greases to a variety of sectors.


Ardeca like many other companies in the first quarter of 2022 faced unprecedented price increases and a volatile raw material market. Therefore, Ardeca required a flexible pricing solution which would be simple in nature, enhance visibility and improve the responsiveness to price increases, but doesn't strip away sales negotiation power. 


After an in-depth as-is process analysis and requirement elicitation, a low code pricing tool that could integrate multiple data sources and allow user flexibility was chosen as the most optimal solution.


A low code pricing tool was developed that allowed the user to customize each step in the pricing process allowing for high flexibility and high visibility, while standardizing and automating time consuming tasks.


Chronion’s objective was not only to develop a pricing tool, but to make sure that the user understood how the tool worked and allow customization in the future.

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