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Client case

Ardo is a global player in growing, producing and delivering high quality frozen vegetables, herbs and fruits. They have a network of 21 production sites and deliver in more than 100 countries.


Ardo aims to increase the general knowledge on planning concepts within the customer service team, both central and local planning teams and the logistic teams. Due to their specific setup, standard planning concepts need to be tailored to the Ardo-specific environment. 


Chronion developed a training program, starting from general best-practice planning concepts, aligned with the APICS terminology and customized for Ardo’s situation.


The training blended theoretical concepts with their day-to-day experience and was the starting point for a business process redesign. 


The training was given to the broader transformation team in four half-a-day sessions, introducing a framework and terminology across the different teams and plants.


The interactive approach drove discussions and brought insights on the decisions to make in the planning transformation journey at Ardo. 

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