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Client case

Athlon Belgium is part of the prominent European player in the field of operational car leasing, fleet management and mobility solutions.


The vehicle leasing and mobility market is competitive and rapidly changing due to new innovations (e.g. fleet electrification), digitalization and ongoing changes in regulation. Athlon Belgium asked us to help them develop a strategic plan to unlock future growth in the rapidly changing market environment.


We started by getting a full understanding of Athlon Belgiums core capabilities and the market trends through various interviews with different internal stakeholders as well as partners and existing customers. We combined this info with qualitative market research and competitor analysis to identify critical success factors in the market (of the future).

Using various workshops with senior management and other key stakeholders we redefined the customers segments as starting point for creating and prioritizing segment specific value propositions.

Using the to-be value propositions we identified gaps and developed a list of required initiatives to live up to their customer promise in the different segments. We prioritized these initiatives based on cost/benefit before bringing everything together in a strategic growth roadmap, including clear timelines and milestones for the coming two years.


Updated customer segments, based on a combination of historical performance and customer needs. 

A clear value proposition per customer segment with an overview of products, associated services, route-to-market, price position and overall desired customer experience.

A number of growth initiatives detailed out in project charters and prioritized into a pragmatic implementation roadmap allowing to clearly identify and manage interdependencies. The charters include the expected benefits as well as business & IT requirements allowing Athlon Belgium to determine the net present value per initiative.

Finally, a list of quick wins was identified to get the train moving and quickly show tangible results hereby creating buy-in across all levels of the organization.


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