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Lotus Bakeries
Client case

Lotus Bakeries is a Belgian biscuit company, founded in 1932, with headquarters in Lembeke. Lotus is most known for its ‘Biscoff’ product range, but together with its other brands (Dinosaurus, Suzy, TREK, Nakd, Bear, Annas, Peijnenburg,  etc.), Lotus has known tremendous national and international growth over the last years. 


Lotus’ supply chain organization needs to continuously reinvent itself to cope with this growth and the increasing supply chain complexity that accompanies it. As a result, Lotus asked Chronion to fill some gaps in the supply chain organization until the open vacancies were filled. 


We provided experienced profiles who could quickly take on supply chain tasks: 

  • Managing the outbound logistics flows (transportation, warehousing, and customer service)  

  • Maximizing service levels by avoiding out-of-stocks while minimizing working capital 

  • Minimizing the risk of expired goods through extensive inventory management  

  • Managing and executing the supply planning process from both Lotus’ plants and external co-manufacturing plants to replenish the different internal and external warehouses in Belgium 

  • Maintaining the relationships and improving the collaboration with external production, warehousing, and transportation partners  

  • Cooperating in the ongoing organizational redesign and ensuring a smooth transition 


Since some roles included the management of operational teams, we also made sure that the respective teams were guided and coached in the best way possible.

Combining in-depth, hands-on experience in supply chain planning and logistics, with our outside perspective, allowed us to quickly identify and initiate improvement actions. 


Our ad-interim solutions helped Lotus to: 

  • Cover operational gaps in the supply chain organization 

  • Maintain employee satisfaction through continued coaching and guidance 

  • Improve supply chain efficiency through the implementation of quick wins and the development of an action plan in the medium- and long-term 

  • Smoothen the onboarding process of permanent employees by providing on-the-job training  

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