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Meet OLGA and AIDA, an amazing duo

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Imagine you are able to expand your commercial team with 2 extraordinary ladies mastering big data insights and continuous learning skills. Moreover, they are good-looking, real team players and they communicate clearly. Wouldn't they be a strong asset to generate higher sales, lower costs, big productivity gains, and a better sales environment?

Artificial intelligence and commercial decisions

A dream you say? Indeed, but the dream is over. As of today, OLGA and AIDA are part of the Rootit platform (our partner in smart customer & profitability analytics). We admit, it are not ladies of flesh and bones, but the rest holds true. Our two artificial assistants will drive growth as you never have seen before.

OLGA, our Opportunity Listing and Growth Algorithm, is the little sister of AIDA. It is an advanced algorithm pointing out all under-performing areas in your product and customer portfolio. OLGA will prioritize all identified opportunities and present them gradually to your commercial team. She will take the feedback of your team into account and adapt her recommendations accordingly. Her expertise is based on years of experience and allows her to recommend improvements in terms of:

  • Low-performing product & customers

  • Missed pricing potential & price leakages

  • Cross- & upsell opportunities

  • Exuberant cost-to-serve

  • Unexploited lead conversion

AIDA, our Advanced Improvement Detection Algorithm, on the contrary is a powerful but sophisticated lady. Based on the latest machine learning techniques, she will analyse your business on a more granular level and detect numerous improvement actions. AIDA is capable to start from a blank sheet and link your specific business characteristics to Rootit's true profit model. She expects a bit more attention, but the investment is worth the effort!


About the author

Dries Debbaut is managing partner of Rootit BV. He is a recognized expert in pricing and profitability management. Together with his team he developed an innovative platform to leverage latest technologies in the commercial decision process.

Do you want to meet OLGA and AIDA, contact us.

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