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Setting out profitable price strategy in high-pressure markets

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Companies are experiencing high levels of competition, with clear winners and losers. In such a competitive environment, getting pricing, discounts, and promotions right across all brands and channels is critical to survive and thrive.

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Inability to allocate the seemingly ever-increasing costs

Your challenge

While costs seem to be always increasing, a large part of them are often not allocated to the right activities. As a consequence, we have no view on the cost-to-serve and on the true profitability of products or customers. Prepare your organization to step out of the dark when it comes to costing!

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Coping with increasing portfolio complexity 

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Increasingly demanding customers & pressure on growth in mature markets are driving portfolio complexity and the internal costs that come with it. How can you manage the right portfolio that maximizes value for both the customer and your organization?

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Capturing the most out of your data

Your challenge

Data management has become a cornerstone in the modern era of conducting business. However, many organizations struggle to capture the data they need and to keep it clean and up to date in the long run. The principle of GIGO (Garbage In, Garbage Out) is more relevant than ever and it all starts with your data management. 

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Pricing & promotions

We help you setting out the pricing & promotion strategy that fits with your strategy & grows your net revenue in a profitable way. We define price models that fit with your business. Data is at the foundation of our pricing & margin management approach. We install the right balance of central guidance & local flexibility. This results in optimal effectiveness during the realization.

Category/product management

We help brand, product, and category managers sustainably improve commercial performance through adoption of best practices in category optimization. We build a category vision, combining the company objectives and the needs of your customers & end-users/consumers. This vision is translated into tactical category guidelines (optimal product mix, pack price architecture...) to better fulfill consumers needs and increase revenue in a profitable way.

Cost-to-serve optimization

We build a fit for purpose cost allocation model to obtain true insights in customer and product profitability. Afterwards we create service propositions & translate them into operational guidelines. This stipulates for each service under which conditions the service is provided, for which customer segment, at which service level and whether it is charged or not. We install a continuous improvement culture in which customer profitability & satisfaction go hand in hand.

Master data management

Over the years, we have developed and refined our Master Data Excellence methodology. We perform process reviews & data analyses to assess your specific situation against the 8 dimensions of our maturity model. As a result you can expect a detailed & actionable roadmap towards continuous improvement of your Master Data Management.


"The amount of insights companies can extract out of data analytics is staggering. It only comes down to extracting the valuable ones."

Dries Debbaut - Profitability & Revenue expert

Powered by our digital capabilities

We are digital. Our way-of-working is always supported by state of the art technology. 

A unique powerful model to develop granular profitability insights & identify opportunities along all levers of the revenue & profit waterfall.

True profitability


A unique powerful model to develop granular profitability insights & identify opportunities along all levers of the revenue & profit waterfall


Pricing &

promotion analytics

Analyze & improve pricing performance, determine appropriate discounts, trade margin modelling, optimize promotional ROI.

Identify the most profitable products; Analyze which categories are under- or overrepresented; Understand the impact of assortment changes on customer behavior.



Identify the most profitable segments, brands, and products; Analyze which categories are under- or overrepresented; Understand the impact of assortment changes on customers behavior.


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Optimized trade promotion spending to reach more priority customers

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