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Supply chain



We support our clients in overcoming their challenges, always with the focus on realizing customer-centric growth

Matching increased customer expectations

Your challenge

Customer needs are rapidly changing and increasing. How to make sure that we stay connected to the customer and deliver the products and services they want in a consistent way?

How we support


Coping with increased complexity

Your challenge

Increased customer needs result often in an explosion of products and services, a complex distribution network and ad-hoc processes that turn the organization in fire-fighting mode. How to find the right balance in this changing, complex environment?

How we support


Find the right balance between service, cost & cash

Your challenge

Supply chain is the linking pin between your customers and both internal and external supply. Finding the balance between service, cost and cash is realized by implementing aligned business rules, having the correct distribution network and integrated processes to deliver the customer promise in a consistent way.

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supply chain planning

We support you in assessing, defining and implementing both supply planning tactics (planning strategy, production frequencies, safety stock optimization) as well as demand and supply planning processes. We cover the entire planning horizon from 5-10 year strategic planning, tactical S&OP to operational planning and scheduling. We improve your demand signal by bringing quantitative and qualitative information from inside and outside the organization together. We look at planning in a transversal way, aligning the different functions and stakeholders to make better, fact-based decisions.

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Network & distribution optimization

We create a distribution model that provides full visibility and transparency on your entire distribution network, taking into account the main cost drivers, capability constraints and current service requirements. Together we identify relevant scenarios to show impact on cost, service and inventory. We add the future business scenarios, new (potential) requirements from customer, legal or tax perspective and add degrees of freedom (for mid and long term horizon) to define a relevant distribution network that evolves over time.


Customer service transformation

We look further than the setup of your customer service department. It starts with a clear customer segmentation and a need based fit-for-purpose customer experience that requires customer centricity throughout your entire organization. We look at the entire customer journey and see how front and back office, sales, supply chain and quality from a process, organization and platform perspective work towards the right end-to-end customer experience.

EtoE SC planning
Network & distr. optimization
Cust service transformation

"We understand that your supply chain is unique and that is translated in our approach. We always find the best solution, tailored to your specific needs."

Tom De Visscher - Supply Chain Expert

Powered by our digital capabilities

We are digital. Our way-of-working is always supported by state of the art technology. 


AI driven

demand planning

Assess the impact of internal and external indicators on top of the standard historical data and use AI technologies to create predictive planning models that outperform current forecast accuracies



planning tactics

A digital twin that empowers companies to review the planning tactics more frequently based on actual information which merges the planning and execution layer



network visibility

Assess distribution and production footprint and optimize flows in order to improve costs, lead times and reliability


We are proud that our clients come back to us to take the next steps in their growth journey. Their loyalty is the best proof of the impact we realize.

Supply chain operating model review and optimization


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