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Client case

Arteco is a dynamic chemical company, leader in its market segment. They develop and manufacture quality antifreeze coolants and heat transfer fluids for automotive and industrial applications. Arteco offers innovative, competitive and efficient aqueous solutions to provide optimised thermal heat transfer and corrosion protection for your cooling system.


Operating in an ever-changing global market, Arteco recognizes that customer expectations are evolving and differentiating per segment. Therefore it is Arteco’s ambition to elevate its customer relationship, tailor it to the individual customer needs, make it digitized where purposeful, and remain human-oriented at all times.


As a start, with a cross-departmental core team, Chronion and Arteco deep-dived into its customer experience journey, into  an in-depth understanding of the existing flow and its pain points. Based upon this as-is analysis, the focus improvement areas were defined and an end-to-end to-be journey was developed.


An end-to-end customer journey transformation roadmap was created based on the gap analysis. Effectiveness of this to-be journey was ensured by adhering to the company strategy and integrating the voice of the customer. This roadmap was split up into different implementation stages based on urgency and impact. Chronion also supports Arteco with the implementation of the transformation initiatives.


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