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Client cases


The latest insights in the challenges our clients face and the solutions we provide


The opportunities of EdTech

Support in the development of product and service propositions, go-to-market strategies and revenue models.

Growth plans and trade promotion strategies in retail

Identification of growth levers and translation into categorized growth plans, along with trade promotion recommendations.

Trade promotion strategy

Identifying the trade promotions effectiveness & ROI and providing guidance in the alignment with the strategic agendas.

Tailored planning frameworks 

Advice and training sessions to drive the planning transformation journey

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Flexible pricing tool

A pricing tool to customize each step in the pricing process allowing for high flexibility and high visibility

Customer journey design

Optimization of the customer experience by rethinking the customer journey through identifying pain points

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Supply chain specialist role

Effective supply chain task execution together with critical review of existing processes

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Unlock future growth

Guidance on the development of a tangible strategic plan to unlock future growth


Supply chain transformation

Development of a supply chain transformation roadmap in line with the overall business strategy


Demand planning optimization

Supply chain operating model review and optimization with a focus on demand planning


Value-based pricing

Development of an approach to create, price & sell the value of Paulig Customer Brands


Pricing & revenue growth mgmt.

Creating transparency in complex product and customer portfolio


Supply chain planning & logistic roles

Execution and optimization of supply chain planning & logistics processes

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