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Client case

Plantyn, part of Infinitas Learning,  is one of the top 3 publishers in Belgian education. They offer learning, learning management and school management products & services.


Edtech possibilities are endless and drive new opportunities like hybrid learning and personalized learning.

Plantyn wanted to understand the needs of schools in this fast-changing environment and shape their solutions accordingly.

Plantyn asked us to support them in the development of their product & service propositions, go-to-market strategies and revenue models.


We brought people from all functions in the organization together to ensure buy-in and avoid siloed solutions. Our assessment clarified the market structure, dynamics, ecosystem, competitive landscape and main customer metrics (penetration, spend...). Afterwards, we conducted both qualitative & quantitative research to explore the needs of the main users and stakeholders. 

Based on the above, we created actionable customer segments and mapped their journeys. Together with the teams, we translated these needs into new value propositions and prioritized growth opportunities.


Each market segment has an updated value proposition, streamlined with the specific needs of their customers, including:

  • Product / Services: pure digital vs. blended solution with integrated paper & digital elements, individual teacher vs. school solutions...

  • Go-to-market: direct vs. indirect channels, focus on new vs. existing customers...

  • Revenue models: subscription based vs. one-offs

Finally we developed market & financial impact models for each of the initiatives.

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