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GoodLife Foods
Client case

GoodLife Foods is one of the leading producers of frozen (deep-fried) snacks in Europe. The range is very extensive, from meat to cheese and halal to vegetarian in all shapes and flavors. The company is most famous for brands like Beckers, Mexicano and Bicky, but produces private label as well. More than 600 employees in several countries are passionate to stay up-to-date with the latest food trends and offer the tastiest snacks on the market.


GoodLife Foods was created when a diverse group of companies were brought together since 2016. Each of these companies had a different market and pricing approach, causing a lot of complexity with regards to customer agreements and trade investments.


The team realized that a structured approach was required to provide more comparability & transparency within the product & customer portfolio.


We started the project by designing a pricing framework that reflected the market reality and allowed to install comparability. Afterwards we applied the new logic by modelling and enriching the current dataset in a repeatable way.

Finally we provided dashboards with tailored analyses and facilitated work sessions with the sales team to identify opportunities and concrete actions.


The team got clear insights into legacy based inconsistencies and revenue opportunities, which we translated into short- and long-term actions that resulted into a positive ROI before the end of the project. On top, we provided recommendations to increase the pricing maturity over the coming years.

Therefore, GoodLife Foods asked us to assist in the next maturity phase, and roll-out the project into the organization.

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