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Poppies Bakeries
Client case

Poppies Bakeries is a Belgian food manufacturer founded in 1976. Ever since, through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions, Poppies Bakeries has expanded their bakery expertise and offering to become a global reference as a trusted supplier for private labels and own brand sweet bakery products.


Because of Poppies Bakeries’ extensive growth over the last years, there was a clear need for an end-to-end review of the different supply chain processes and tool landscape within the company.


Based on Poppies Bakeries’ strategy, the opportunities for efficiency improvement in the processes and industry best practices, we defined together with Poppies Bakeries the new supply chain operating model from a process, organization and tool perspective. A roadmap was created to gradually build the supply chain of the future.


The first focus was put on the demand planning process, where Chronion supported Poppies Bakeries in optimizing the process, making roles and responsibilities clear and requesting adaptations to the forecasting tool. In order to facilitate the implementation, Chronion executed the role of the demand planner ad-interim – supported with the Chronion expertise network – to embed the new process in the organization.


Poppies Bakeries has now successfully installed the new demand planning process. The new ‘management by exception’ way of working improves the forecast performance, increases the efficiency of the demand planner and the involved sales team and uses the system to drive continuous improvement.  

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