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Digital ecosystem for pricing

Pricing solutions pop up like mushrooms.

It is hard to get a clear view on which solutions are best suited in the different phases of an end-to-end pricing process. Together with, we regularly review the available solutions to support you in your tech selection.

To provide some guidance in the evolving landscape of pricing solutions, we split the ecosystem in 10 categories linked to different steps in the end-to-end pricing process or linked to specific pricing challenges in certain industries:

  1. Price scrapers: solutions to systematically track offered prices in the market

  2. Pricing analytics & optimization: analytical solutions focused on price optimization often leveraging AI or advanced algorithms

  3. CPQ specific: Configure-Price-Quote solutions for specific business models e.g. SaaS, tenders, customized, etc.

  4. CPQ general: general and typically larger Configure-Price-Quote solutions targeting multiple business models

  5. Integrated price management: solutions which combine the above categories in one platform

  6. Revenue management: solutions focusing on markets with limited capacity e.g. hotels, airbnb, etc.

  7. Trade promotion: solutions supporting in the planning and optimization of promotion plans, typically targeting business-to-retail organizations

  8. Pricing research: solutions which facilitate pricing research methods like conjoint

  9. Repricing: often linked to platforms like amazon, ebay, etc., those solutions combine price scraping and optimization functionality to automate the price setting of your online portfolio

  10. Retail/e-commerce: advanced pricing solutions focusing specifically on the retail & e-commerce industry


About the authors

Dries Debbaut is Managing Partner at Chronion

Pauline Stas is Consultant at Chronion

Olivier Mangelschots is Founder of

Struggling with your pricing solution selection or interested to know more, contact us.


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