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Supply Chain planning tools come in all forms and sizes.
It is hard to get a clear view on which planning tools are best suited to manage and align your entire supply chain. Together with, we regularly review the available solutions to support you in your tech selection.

To provide some guidance in the evolving landscape of supply chain planning tools, we split the ecosystem in 7 categories linked to different steps in the supply chain process or linked to specific challenges in certain industries:

  1. Tactical planning: Software solutions that help businesses to plan their medium-term plans, typically covering a time frame of several months to a year, finding the balance between service, costs and cash.

  2. Detailed scheduling: Detailed scheduling tools are software solutions that help businesses to create and manage detailed schedules for their operations focusing on efficiencies of the production lines, typically covering a time frame of a few days to a few weeks.

  3. S&OE: S&OE tools help businesses to manage their short-term planning and execution processes more efficiently and effectively, enabling them to respond quickly to changing market conditions and customer demand.

  4. SC tactics - inventory optimization: SC Tactics Tools support companies in calculating the optimal planning parameters like safety stocks, economic production quantities etc.

  5. SC visibility and collaboration: SC visibility tools provide companies with solutions to track and monitor movement of materials, products and information across the ecosystem, integrating suppliers and/or customers.

  6. Network design: Tools that help businesses to design and optimize their manufacturing and distribution footprint.

  7. Digital twin: Digital twin providers allow companies to make virtual versions of their supply chain and create what-if scenario's in this virtual environment to enable better decision making.

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